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Thermalling Instructor and Trainer

Powered by Antolín Javier Valdés Galera.

NOTE 1: This web page doesn't work on mobiles.
NOTE 2: The MOBILE APP is under development version. To get it go to Google Play, TmT-One.

Tmt-One is a BRAIN TRAINER, it's a geometry game inspired in the way birds fly for hours with no energy waste, taking advantage of rising air currents.

If you're not a glider pilot this is a new type of brain trainer. It requires a high concentration level and will activate different areas of your brain than usual, which is a requirement to keep your brain active. Go to play right away!


Bank angle:Arrows left and right
Glider speed:Arrows up and down
Time speed: S
Pause: P
Help (When activated): H
Menu: M

ATTENTION: In case you have any problem playing, just update or use a different browser.
Firefox is usually the best option.
In case you still have any problem, please, send an email to Gliding Bytes.

If you're a glider pilot (Delta-Wing, Para-Glider, Plane), TmT-One has been design as THERMALLING TRAINER, it will help you:

I've been working for 2 years developing this app, now I'm working on MULTIPLAYER version, to compite online against other players.
I'v learned from every suggestion, they push me to do it better, so I really apreciate your suggestions.
If you miss something or would like something different, please, don't hesitate to ask me.
You have an email, and social network links into the app.
Thanks for your interest.